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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Is it important to check VIN before buying?

Many of us don’t know how to perform a VIN number check of a car, possibly there might be few people know about it. Before buying a used car it is necessary to find and check the VIN number of the car.

But always a question arises in all our minds, what is a VIN and what does it say? – It is a Vehicle Identification Number consists of 17 characters that are embossed in each vehicle for unique identification. VIN number denotes some important information about the vehicle like manufacturer, manufacturing year and many more details.

Where we can find VIN number in our vehicle?
  • Check under the hood, mostly it is embossed in the front of the engine block.
  • Check in the driver’s side interior dashboard.
  • Front End of the frame near the door in the old cars.
  • We also find the VIN number on the pillar of the driver’s side. Open the door and look around the area where the door latches to the vehicle.
  • If we are not able to find the VIN in the above-mentioned place, it is available in the insurance or vehicle registration documents.

Here is the way to decode the vehicle VIN number

Ever wondered about what these 17 character denotes in each vehicle. By using the below information we can decode the vehicle’s VIN number easily.

Model Year – There are a set of codes that denote the manufacturing year of the model

Country Of Manufacturer – It is also known as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) or Country of origin character codes.

Why VIN and VIN check is most important?

There are some circumstances like we need to check the VIN number of vehicle mandatorily because some important data are registered using VIN number by a lot if data registries. If we are intended to buy a used car it is better to perform a vehicle history check to verify the VIN number. Since the vehicle might have previous accidental history, repairs, outstanding finance, write off’s, etc.,

We can also find out the manufacturer by decoding the VIN number, whether the manufacturer issued a recall for the particular vehicle or for the particular vehicle manufactured in a particular unit or not.

Finally, most of the law enforcement agencies perform a vehicle check to verify VIN to identify vehicles that have been stolen.

Some of the most common fraudulent activities performed by fraud sellers and the important information to be checked to unmask those types of sellers.

Odometer rollback – It is commonly known as mileage clocking. By knowing the previous mileage history of the vehicle using MOT recorded mileage history helps us figuring out the real odometer reading.

Stolen Records – CarDotCheck reports clearly show if the vehicle has any stolen records or not. Because buying a stolen vehicle is undoubtedly the worst idea and a bad investment.

Accidents and Collisions –  Sometimes the vehicle can be restored back to the condition of how it was before the accident, there might be only a minute difference only sharp eyes be able to find the difference. But it cannot be escaped from our eyes if we know to decode and verify the VIN. Once the vehicle is meet with an accident it can also come under the written off categories too.

Equipment ChangesWe can easily find whether the car parts are original or not using the vehicle check reports. If we couldn’t find the original brand name on the part we can easily knock down the price or even we can cancel the purchase of the car.

Where to Verify the VIN?

At CarDotCheck you can perform a DVLA vehicle check to verify the VIN number of the car with government database to check the real vehicle history of the car along with lots and lots of useful informations like stolen records, written off details, mileage clocking records, complete MOT history, TAX and much more important details to check with.

Perform a VIN Check before you buy It might save hundreds of Pounds from your hard-earned money.